• 3D Mapping & Modelling Services

    Convert your property into a 3D model with our drone mapping services in Melbourne

    3D Construction Services
  • Indoor Drone Services

    Hire our small drone services to fly through your premises and capture stunning videos or pictures

  • Commercial Development / Assets Inspection & Marketing

    Drone photography or video is perfect for commercial and assets inspections – use it for marketing materials and increase your portfolio

  • Residential or Rural Photography

    Need an empty land photography with a drone? Embed 3D models from drone pictures?



Industrial Photographer Australia

Industrial / Assets

Aerial 3D Mapping Services

3D Drone Mapping Services


New Estate Development

Retail Space Photographer Vic Australia

We capture magical angles to transform your retail or commercial space to a Wow factor. No more dull spaces – retail photography and commercial photographs that sell itself.

Commercial Photographer Victoria

drone video marketing

Indoor Drone Video

Real Estate Marketing

Aerial Photography

What better way to stand out from the ordinary of a standard photo? Take it to the sky and find out just how beautifully it can be. Contact us today to enquire about our aerial photography Melbourne services.

Aerial Videography

Always wondered how else you could help promote your venue? Take it to the sky with an aerial videography.

Video Marketing

Video promotion for your venue, product and special events.

Explainer Videos

Tazmo is a boutique video production company based in Melbourne. We have an out of this world ability to make motion graphics. Working on projects around the world, from the UK to the USA.

We are great at what we do

We have a dedicated team that will give you the best quality work can offer. Videography and Photography are built in our genes. We lead the life of adventures and filming driven in our background. You cannot find anyone else who has more passion and the skills that are paramount.

Do take your time and browse our great work portfolio and talk to us today about how we can help you off the ground.