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    Drone Franchising Melbourne

Want to take flight and be a part of a drone business in Melbourne, Australia?

It’s no surprise that in the next decade the rising jobs are in the drone technology with an industry estimate of $127 billion and still climbing. I don’t know about you, but that’s a piece of pie I would like to get my teeth in.

Are you looking for assistance in setting up your drone photography business?

Visit our page and learn how we can help you in starting a drone company with ongoing support, training and a dedicated marketing team at your disposal.

Are you here to start your own drone business or interested in BUYing/entering into AN UAV FRANCHISE?

You are here because you are interested in starting a drone business or to buy a drone franchise. We want to provide you with all the information we have on starting a drone business and be a part of a commercial drone industry.

As the volume of certified UAV pilots keeps on increasing and the same for ReOC (Remote Operator Certificate). The same goes for the demand for drone as a service, more and more business understand and value the benefits of hiring a certified RPA pilot; to reduce the risks, keep costs down and provide the flexibility in everyday operations.

What is the benefits of using the drone in the business?

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) doesn’t have the restrictions as you may have to using a helicopter or cranes to perform complex tasks. An RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) can be small or large ranging from 2kg to 20kg. Due to their versatile structure, they can go to places you wouldn’t be able to previously, giving them unlimited possibilities to use a drone.

Here are a few tasks using a drone can perform.

  1. 2D / 3D Mapping & Surveying: Construction and agriculture
  2. Photography & Filming: Real estate and video marketing
  3. Delivery: Amazon & Google have already begun their delivery project.
  4. Emergency Services: For emergency responses – medical needs to lowering the risks of fire disaster.
  5. Environment Monitoring & Conservation: Farmers can manage their crops to decrease diseases, plant health to keeping the conservation of vegetation & animal populations.
  6. Media: Be the first response to breaking news, large media corporations can utilise drones for a live feed. A drone can get lower and faster to launch than a helicopter.

Buy Drone Franchise Australia

Start Your Own Drone Business or Buy a Drone Franchise in Melbourne, Australia

3D Construction Services

How much is a drone franchise Australia?

Currently a drone franchise can start from $30,000 to $80,000 which includes training and support.

Investing Into Drone Franchise

Buying into a drone franchise can be significant in costs, and you must be sure you have family support and commitment to make it work.

Owning a commercial UAV franchise is an important element to running your business, you must work hard to establish new clients. But you do have the support of the group, they will use the funds you invested into generating leads, but you might have to pay for lead fees and monthly Franchisee fees.

Things to think about before buying a drone franchise

  • Recognition

    Before buying a drone franchise, research into their business is a must. We want to make sure the company is well established with consistent clientele.

  • Demand

    Not everyone will require drone services, you will have a tough time getting ongoing work. Imagine having to pay monthly Franchisee fees when the work is not plentiful.

Why we think you shouldn’t buy into a new drone franchising company

As a newly formed RPA franchise business, they may lack branding and budget to get you work. If you compare new versus an existing UAV franchise that has been running for a few years, they may have already made a name for themselves.

New franchise division/company relies on your investment to grow their business. They will invest the fund to generate work for you, but you are still running a business and must venture out and get work yourself. Their online presence, digital marketing and branding are limited to nothing – it will take them 2-3 years to be recognised until then you must rely on yourself to generate work. If you are a business savvy, you would save the monthly Franchisee fees and spend it to grow your business.

As a new business you won’t be guaranteed constant work, the drone industry is relatively new, and the demand is not yet streamlined like other services; lawn mowing and cleaning services. It’s not something everyone would require each day, week or fortnightly.

Just looking for a business that can generate income and more comfortable?

If you are looking got make a living and earn a regular income, you are best to invest your savings into lawn mowing and gardening or cleaning as a franchise business.

Is it better to start your own drone business?

Investing in your own drone business can provide a lower entry cost starting from $7,000. But can be difficult as you have to deal with your own marketing. Though, even if you own a newly established franchise you still have to do your marketing plus paying lead and franchising fees.

If you were to start your own drone business instead of purchasing a drone franchise, you would save on startup costs, and there is no lead fees or monthly franchising fees. Use your funds to market and grow your drone business from the ground up. It’s not for the faint-hearted, you must possess strong entrepreneur skills, and the passion to learn and grow.

The minimum you need to start a drone business is from $7,000 with purchasing a small drone equipment like a Phantom 4 Pro – including your RPA training to obtain your RePL certificate and ReOC (Remote Operation Certificate). Start-up cost can vary on your equipment, and that does not include marketing costs.

We would suggest you start small and work your way up once business picks up. That’s by putting in all your hard work and getting business through the door. You would need help with an online footprint like a website designer and invest in digital marketing services like Google AdWords and social media marketing.

I recommend Phantom 4 Pro as an entry to the drone business

Post Production in Drone Photography

It takes more than piloting a drone. Practice will make you a confident operator but do you know how to do post-production?

It’s important part of a drone business for you to learn and continue to grow your skills in the photo and video editing areas. You cannot get paid to fly; you need to provide the result in post-production. Learn how to use programs like Lightroom, Premiere Pro and After Affects.

Want to learn the step by step to start your own drone business?

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