Operating a Drone

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The utilisation of UAVs is on the ascent in Australia, for both recreational and business clients. Common Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) numbers show there are 220 business clients in Australia, up from 34 in 2013.

CASA representative Peter Gibson said business clients must be legitimately prepared, qualified and authorised.

“The administrator must have an endorsement from CASA known as an unmanned operator’s certificate” Mr Gibson said. “To get this they should record what they need to do and how they will do it, make an arrangement of security manuals and get preparing for the general population who work the automatons so they can get a controllers testament. This takes some work and expenses about $4000 in charges to CASA, in addition to the expenses of preparing and adding to the manuals.”

Administrators may not fly closer than 30 meters to vehicles, vessels or structures that are not on their private property, or without authorization from the private property proprietor; over populated regions, for example, shorelines, lawns, stops or games ovals where a diversion is in progress; inside of a 5.5km sweep of any air terminal or at evening.